Students projects

We are very proud in our students, they work hard and achieve their goals.

some of the projects that you can see are in the middle of real time building process

Apartment - Natanya

Zwia Berlinski - Holland

Here you can see 2 kinds of projects 

Commercial space and private space.

Zwia used ethnic influences in her projects , that creates a unique environment in side her spaces.

The light tender touches in and with the walls gives the sophisticated look to every space that you can see here 


Apartment-home staging  - Holland 

Dentist clinic - Amsterdam 

Heshi Hecht - U.S.A​

Coffee deal  - coffee shop - Jerusalem


This coffe shop get Heshi's unique interpretation by creating a different enviroment for people to come and enjoy their coffee break or meeting.

Heshi used different materials in his creation that gives the space a unique rough look with light touches  

Einat Ben Zvi - Gibraltar 

Einat has a fine sharp eye to create a magnificent living spaces. she uses influences from variety things that surrounds her.

In those projects you can see her delicate Technics to create great and impressive spaces 

Apartment - Herzelya

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