Home Styling  E Course Design 8 lessons that takes you step by step from A-Z 

Through the process of your  Home styling for your personal home.

when it comes to your existing home decor. From choosing colors to choosing flooring and kitchen handles, we will teach you all.
Complete and comprehensive course for those who love  design and want to get professional tools  that can be applied in your home.

All the lessons are  recorded in HD format.
The course is available for immediate viewing-when you purchese the course you will get link to your Email.

The course topics:

- kitchen design

- furniture design

- creative design

- home decor materials

- textile and home design integration

- trends and styles in the design

- color and other space design

Home styling E course 8 lessons

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  • In this lesson you will learn how to match  materials, the advanced materials that in use this days, how to mix and match different materials, colors and many more. you will learn the  use  in the right way in your home.

    This lesson will guide you step by step all the way to achieve your design goal and live in a stylish home

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