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Our on line interior design course is high professional  course that programmed to teach you all of the tools and information  that you need to become a high traind proffesional Interior Designer



99% of our students work as interior designers while they are still learning

our corriculom is suit exactly for you, as we put a lot of

effort creating the best proffesional education course.  learn interior design on line and start your way to achive your personal goals.   our course is 250 hours of pure proffesional knowledge.

as a student in Cube you will have support 24/7 on line from our stuff , student back office, the whole course in your Email as you can Repeat  the whole course.


Our team are high profesional interior designers with expirience from the real design world.

The head department is Laor Kael Heliraz - an interior designer with 20 years of expirience. has been the head chif designer of some of the hottest brands, such as Holmes Place,Mont blant and more

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