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This is how I closed the deal with Holmes Place Berlin 

Selling the exact same method is not the right way to sell today
Everyone does exactly the same thing and everyone gets similar results!
Nowadays you have to give tremendous value to your customer - nowadays, in order to sell a home improvement, you need to speak to your client in a language that gives him solutions he wants very much.

Give him design solutions for his home - that's the thing that will increase your sales basket.
You now have the opportunity to train your employees with knowledge of interior designers, give them more tools to close more customer transactions, give them the knowledge and ability to give the client far-reaching solutions.
After all, you pay for leads and salespeople try to convince them that they are the best and eventually the deal closes or falls because of the price.
You now have the option to give them
the added value that no one else has, train your salespeople in a way that gives them the unfair advantage over your competitors.
That way you will earn a lot more on each and every lead you receive
Between us, this is the exact method with which I closed a huge deal with Holmes Place and designed them display facilities for their branches in Berlin - Germany
Everyone does the same thing and gets the same results -
you will do the extra mile and earn much more


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